Fashion on Tumblr

Have been looking through unknown tumblr’s. One tumblr caught my eye, its about a young lady who is clearly in to the latest trends. its basically different pictures of fashion items shown on a model in a really eye catchy way. clearly this girl has an eye for amazing pictures. i recommend you guys to check her tumblr out.

Heres a Few looks on her page:




 Heres the link:

 Hope you Like it <3 

-ShoshyAlsubaey xx 

Laundry care!


Taking care of your clothes is so important even though it may seem like another boring chore to do. First you need to make sure to read the tags and follow the direction and watch out for those DRY CLEAN ONLY garments. But for those you wash at home, it so much better to color code them, darks, lights and whites and wash them in correct temperature settings. With a bit of research here are the different settings:

Dark Colors = Cold Water

Light Colors = Warm Water

Whites = Hot Water

Ps: my maid told me this ;p


One of my biggest tips is to never put your bras in the dryer. You guys should shape them and lay them out to air dry. If you air-dry your bras, they will last longer and stay true to the original fit and shape. 


Another tip I’ve heard is you’re not supposed to put your jeans in the dryer because it will stretch them out and ruin them over time. It actually destroys the elasticity in the denim. Personally, I don’t follow this rule and I always dry my jeans, but I just thought I’d share this suggestion with you since I know it’s a fact. I haven’t had any problems with my jeans, but just in case, you might want to hang dry your denim.


Skin Survival: Foods To Avoid


Which Foods i avoid to keep my skin clear, i’m not an expert at this but there are 3 main categories.

Fatt Foods: pizza, use of butter, chease and greasy foods. 

Sugary Foods: cakes, pastries, cupcakes, coke ( thank goodness they have sugar free ones)

Super salty: Chips, popcorn, french fries etc.

Im not saying to never eat these foods but to try to avoid them along your way. food is a big part of your skin like they say “you are what you eat.”

if something is bad for your insides then it will most likely be bad for your outsides. 

Fun tip: drink LOTS and LOTS of water to keep your skin glowing and hydrated and most probably acne-free. 

-ShoshyAlsubaey xx

Healthy Habit: Typical gym day

On typical gym days it’s better to stay lite and healthy, But since you need a little fuel before you work out you might want to grab a banana and a coffee on the way before you meet your trainer.

Fun Fact: its better to stay hydrated during your workout.

After that long and hopefully useful work out you would probably want to have a fun protein shake, after a bit of research I learnt that its better to drink your shake 30 after the work out. Here is a website explaining what they are and what are there benefits For my shake I use the GNC Wellbeing Be-Buff Protein and Fiber Complex Mix so it’s the and you mix it with milk or water it wouldn’t make a difference its still the yummy chocolate protein shake.

Here are a couple of pictures:



PS. You can find GNC at Villagio mall in front of Hagen Dazs

-ShoshyAlsubaey xx

This is magic doing its tricks using natures only potion H20. Naughty is a hot orange that turns into a cool canary yellow. Ditsy is a bright fuchsia that turns into a pretty bubble gum pink. Guilty is a mermaid purple that turns into a vivid blue. the directions are clearly shown in the video. 

You can get them here:

And This is how it looks like:


-ShoshyAlsubaey xx